Thursday, August 10, 2006

Typhoon Camping

I really don`t recommend camping in a typhoon. For one tents are not designed to stop
winds of 200kph! Plus it is very rainy. Other than cards, what can you do? As well in
winds of such velocity, the cards tend to blow away. I suppose this could be good if you
are losing.

We went to Susuno in Shizuoka Prefecture. Which everyone should see at least once. It is
a beautiful area. I really liked it. The first day was very hot and we spent about four hours
just learning how to set up our brand new Coleman tent and another Coleman tent like
thing that you sit under. Can`t remember the darned name! Now you know I am not much
of a camper.

The first day the kids and I played soccer and football. Jonah flew and (crashed) his plane
many times. Then at night the clouds and lightning rolled in. Being on open grassland next
to tall trees, was no comfort. Then the rain started. Boy can it rain in Japan. The closest thing
I have ever experienced is some of the tropical downpours of Hawaii. When it rains here
it makes Noah`s Ark all the more believeable.

Anyway, since I am in front of my computer monitor, typing this, I guess you can imagine
that we survived. A little wet perhaps. Taking a few days to dry out everything perhaps.
But relatively speaking, we are in one piece.

The typhoon we experienced was supposed to go to Kyushu. It changed course and decided to
come straight for our camp. I wish it wouldn`t do that. Or at least have the courtesy to let us
know that it was coming.

Again I recommend Susuno. But try to go on a nice sunny day!

Kevin Burns

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