Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dr. Andrew Weil on Connecting With Japan

Connecting with Japan
Published: 3/30/2011
The devastating earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan on March 11 has already killed thousands of people, and the full effects have yet to play out. The long-term damage to human health from radiation leaks at the Fukishima nuclear power plants will take years, perhaps decades, to manifest.

I feel this tragedy deeply. Since my first visit to Japan as a teenager in 1959, I have felt a powerful connection to its culture, aesthetics and people. In the years since, I have been back more times than I can recall. As much as I enjoy the vibrant cacophony of modern, urban Japan, I am particularly drawn to its venues of timeless serenity.  Read More

Synchronicity and all that Stuff

Synchronicity and all that Stuff

by Kevin R Burns                     
(Kanagawa, Japan)           

" I'm convinced God put me here to accomplish a certain number of things;
right now, I'm so far behind I'll never die."

--Petya Lowe, Circle of Light

Synchronicity and all that Stuff

"Everything in this universe is part of an uninterrupted sequence of events."

--Mamoru Mohri, Japanese  astronaut                                              

Tokyo, Japan
Japanese astronaut Mamoru Mohri, feels that in the borderless era we live in now, the acceptance of cultural diversity and globalization is very important. "Once people take a broader , more long-term view of the things going on around them, it can give them a totally new perspective on life," said Mohri according to a press report.    Read More

Are we Spirit & Live Forever?

Are We Spirit & Live Forever

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Or When We Die, Do the Little Buggies Eat Us?

"Hello, I'd like to connect with my higher self."
"Is this a collect call sir?"
"Okay, I'll put you through now."............
I'm sorry sir, your higher self will
accept the charges."

"The story of my life!"

--Kevin Burns

Are We Spirit & Live Forever?
Or When We Die, Do the Little Buggies Eat Us?

This is my current life question. James Redfield in the Celestine Prophecy alludes to the
fact that we don't need to figure out the answers, rather we need to figure out our current life question. The above is mine. What's yours? If you can figure out the question Redfield observes, the answer will come.

Read More

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

FBC – Aid to People and Pets in Tohoku‏

FBC – Aid to People and Pets in Tohoku‏

Many of our members are asking us for ways to help and how they can get certain items. Here’s the short, simple version with the latest info, but please see our website for more details on each item:

How to help others- 3 ways
Second Harvest and CRASH - Send money and aid directly to these two organizations.
AID4OTHERS – Use this coupon code to send your items directly to those affected by the earthquake.
Help Animals Too! – We’ve set up a way to help animals who have been affected by the earthquake as well. Please see our website for more info.

How we can help you and your family:
FBC Express/Food and Fun From Home - Emergency Backpacks, Lanterns (for blackouts), Batteries- direct from the US in a week.

Deli - Face Masks, Food for now, Other emergency relief items - delivery in about a week.

General Store - Water, Toilet Paper, Canned Goods and Stock Up Supplies - takes about a month, but great to stock up. Shoko's recommendations

Madi's Remailing Service - Air shipped direct from the US – The things you really need and want, but can’t find here. Order from almost anywhere and have Madi’s Remailing Service ship your items.

Also, we’ve just added a special General Store order this week to help process all the AID4OTHERS orders, so please feel free to order by this Friday (April 1st) to get your order on the next boat!

If you'd like to help us spread the word about these aid programs: forward this to a friend or Like fbc newsletter on Facebook us on Facebook.
You are receiving our monthly newsletter because you signed up at The Foreign Buyers' Club
Our mailing address is:
The Foreign Buyers' Club
5-15-3F Koyochonaka
Kobe, Hyogo 658-0032

On the Future of the Whole World

Though I agree that we need to start thinking about what kind of alternative forms of power we are going to use not just in Japan, but worldwide. I don`t think now is the time to debate this in Japan. We need to deal with first things first, which is getting the people up north houses and safe, and fixing the reactors or burying them if that is what is needed.

Most importantly we need to stay positive that we can get all of the above done in a timely manner. It is still winter up north and will be cold for a few months more.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

American Weight Lifting Champion helps Earthquake Victims up North

Japan Earth Quake
Japan Earth Quake - American Weightlifting Champion helps Victims of 9.0 Earthquake


Two time Kanagawa weight lifting champion; Ukiah, California native Chris Zanella, now calls Minamiashigara City, Kanagawa in Japan home.

The big, affable Californian, survived a hit and run accident in Odawara`s Tomizu area aboutfour months ago, he took just a Friday off of work, didn`t tell his boss about the accident, even though he was very banged up, then taught his students at Kevin`s English School the following Monday, where he has taught children to adults for the past four years. Probably if asked about why he would teach so soon after being hit by car, he would probably just shrug it off.

Read More

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Playing Games in Kanagawa - Camp Zama Game Days

JIGG is Japan`s International Gamers Guild, 20 years old and going strong. JIGG has been
bringing boardgame players, roleplayers, card game lovers and wargame players together since
1991. Free membership. Get in the game!

Don`t give up your hobby if you come to live in Japan!

Camp Zama, Kanagawa
What is going on? Just ask the unstoppable James Keller! Camp Zama game days have been one of the consistent mainstays of JIGG. Plus going to Camp Zama is like going to the USA for the day. Yards, and yards of grass, trees and flowers, plus games of all kinds in a large room with many games. I plan on going with Bruce at some point.
Contact James if interested: - Email James: ngolmo at

On Teaching English in Japan

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  • How much are the salaries in Japan?

  • Oikawa san of Keio, keeps us mindful of some important aspects of teaching

  • Professor John F. Fanselow of Columbia University Teachers College, observes that what you think is happening in the classroom may not be what is happening at all

  • Jobs in Japan for Americans, the unique American situation

  • How do you learn Japanese for free or cheaply?

  • Conrad Matsumoto enlightens us with his "almost no prep activities"

  • How do you teach young children?

  • Chris Weber gives us his hard won advice on teaching English to Japanese

  • David Martin of EFL Press talks about how to be an Effective EFL teacher

  • Should you teach on the JET Program?

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  • Devanshe Chauhan explains classroom management for newbies

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  • What are the big schools like?

  • Thomas Anderson weighs in on how he teaches university students

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    Saturday, March 26, 2011

    Please Donate to Help Japan

    The fickle media is all ready deserting Japan for other if it bleeds it leads stories.
    the biggest disaster in Japanese history continues and we need your help!

    Imagine America losing her west coast. This is essentially what has happened for a much smaller and less populous nation. This disaster
    is unprecedented in Japanese history.

    The Latest News from Japan

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Why Work in Japan

    Why Work in Japan?

    Why Work in Japan?

    By Chase Crawford

    Even if you don't live and work in Japan, it's easy to fall in love with the country. Anyone who encounters its rich, enduring culture and history as well as its modern innovative society can't help but want to learn more.

    There are many means to learn about Japanese ways. You can always read books or study a formal course. These days, you also have the easy option to just go online and take your fill. There are tons of websites that offer information about the country and its people. There are also countless communities that let you interact with Japanese friends or fellow enthusiasts.

    Today's technology has certainly made it easier to immerse oneself in a different culture. Undeniably though, nothing beats actually having to live and work in Japan. This still is the best way to embrace an environment that is completely different from yours. It's easy to do this if you have a lot of money but living there can prove prohibitive to cash-strapped enthusiasts. The only other alternative is to apply for a job.

    Getting a job is advantageous not just because you get to earn to support your potentially costly stay. It will also work well for you because it is one good way to legitimize your stay in the country. With a company to sponsor you, it's fairly a straightforward to get a working visa.

    Clearly, finding Japan work is a far better way to get exposed to the place's culture and society than learning through online and offline means. In most cases, working can put you in a better position to get a genuine experience than if you just came as a tourist. As a worker, you live and breathe right in the thick of Japanese life.

    There is one more reason why finding a job is best. While earning, you can actually experience the same level of enjoyment that tourists do. This is particularly true if you are involved in summer or winter resort operations. Of course, you are expected to work hard while on duty but you can spend your free time from Japan work enjoying the sun and sand of Okinawa or the fine powder of Nagano. There's just no better deal than this.

    Before you decide to take this option, keep in mind that working in a different environment requires some adjustment. This is even if you are a great fan of the place. You may have to adjust for example to the notion of living in shared accommodations and in bathing in a communal shower area. Take note too that some work places are in remote areas and may not be easily accessible to night entertainment or activities. If you are used to the hustle and bustle of night life in your home city, you may have to look for alternative activities while working in a far away Japanese location.

    It definitely is a great idea to find work in Japan. You get fun, compensation and education all in one. You might want to try checking your options online now. There are several sites that can facilitate your search for a good job placement.

    Want To Find Out More About Work In Japan?
    Visit For More Information.

    Article Source:

    Relief Efforts for Tohoku Region

    To all users,

    We would like to invite users to join us at a fundraising event this Saturday in Shinjuku for relief efforts in the Tohoku region. We will be joining Kokusaika's international friendship party in the banquet room of the Nishi Shinjuku Hotel.

    One half of all guest admissions from users will be donated to earthquake relief. We are also encouraging each guest to bring one dry/canned food item or other useful item from. We will have some boxes ready at the event and mail them that night by takyubin to Reverend Ken Joseph's Nihon Kinkyu Enjotai in Sendai, which has requested items to be sent. Anything that might be in your apartment and unused that you think might be useful would be welcome. See a list of requested items at the bottom.

    Even if you are unable to attend please read the information about Nihon Kinkyu Enjotai, and consider sending them a package separate. They are requesting that people send things.

    Please e-mail me for reservations. Tel. 03-3281-4303 for any questions on the events. (During the event 090-1847-5075). See Kokusaika's Web site for the full March schedule.


    Event: Shinjuku International Friendship Party
    Date: Mar. 26 (Sat.)
    Time: 6:30-9:30 pm
    Attendance: Approx. 150 people
    Location: Nishi Shinjuku Hotel 9F banquet room, 7-14-14 Nishi Shinjuku-ku
    Admission: Ladies Y3,000, Men Y3,500 w/e-mail res. by Fri.(+Y500 going directly)
    Drinks: Open bar from 6:30-9:00 with bottled beer (Ebisu, Asahi & Kirin Stout), wine, cocktails and soft drinks. (bar closes at 9:00p.m.)
    Food: Large English-style carvery with roast beef/pork, gravy, shephard's pie, veggies, cheeses, breads, fruit, homemade ice cream + pies & a large cake from Kyle's Good Finds Bakery.
    Dress: Casual


    One half of each guest admission from will be donated to the Japan Emergency Team (Nihon Kinkyu Enjotai). This group has been providing emergency assistance in Japan since 1975 and is run by the Reverend Ken Joseph and his son, the Reverend Ken Joseph, Jr. who are very well known and highly respected in Tokyo, and who have been very active in the international community in Japan since 1951.

    There are so many people who really want to do something to help, but the problem has been where to send things and how.

    I spoke to Reverend Joseph several times on the telephone this week. He's been in Sendai with a relief team since the 2nd day preparing meals and delivering relief with his team working out of and in coordination with the Sendai city hall. Tonight on the telephone he said things are still chaotic. His team is still serving meals, which aren't enough, and that they need lots of supplies.

    Some items that were specifically requested are:

    Canned, dry and instant foods, rice powdered milk, coffee, tea, cream, bottled water, electric water pots, sleeping bags, tents, used laptop computers and active wireless internet devices and airline mileage (for volunteers to move back and forth), 20 liter metal gasoline cans, disaster relief vehicles.

    If each guest brought just one item to the event on Saturday, we could mail several large boxes that night from the nearby convenience store. If you are not able to attend the party, please consider putting a package together and mailing it to the address below. Reverend Joseph said that they will be in Sendai for six months and can use supplies whenever they arrive. He said volunteers who can go to Sendai even for a few days are also greatly needed, including people to take care of their laptops and answer e-mail and the phones. Reverend Joseph explained to me on the phone there are two types of people who are helping: those who are "doing" and those who are "organizing." He said his team has been incredibly busy cooking and delivering meals that there has been little time to answer e-mails and take care of backend gathering of supplies and funds. Thus, I wanted to help a little with the organizing part via our weekly announcement by letting people know where they can send !
    help to.

    The address to mail items to is:
    Nihon Kinkyu Enjotai
    c/o Sendai City Hall
    3-7-1 Kokubun-cho
    Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken 980-8671
    Tel. 0570-000-911 or 090-3080-6711 or 090-7170-4769
    e-mail: (responses may be delayed)
    See their Web site for information on cash donations which are also greatly needed:

    You can also find more information about the Reverend Ken Joseph and his 60 years of work in Japan at

    If the volume of items collected on Saturday is large enough and if there were any volunteers who wanted to go I might consider driving our van to Sendai on after the event on Saturday night. In any case we will make sure all the collected items are delivered along with our own cash donation of one half the admission from each guest from



    Sunday, March 20, 2011

    Earthquake - I thought I was going to die!

    Earthquake - I thought I was going to die!

    Yokohama, Kanagawa,   March 11th, 2011

    I thought i was going to die.  The building I was in was shaking much too much and I was on the third floor.  I had met friends for lunch in Yokahama, and then went shopping afterwards.   Usually the quakes here last a few seconds, usually 30 seconds is the longest.  One minute is really long. 

    Read More:

    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Why Not To Freak Out About Radiation From Japan

    Why Not To Freak Out About Radiation From Japan

    By: Adviser
    March 17, 2011

    Why Not To Freak Out About Radiation From Japan Why Not To Freak Out About Radiation From JapanWhile heroic workers battle the threat of nuclear meltdown in Japan, a different kind of fallout seems to threaten the peace of those of us in the US. As fears that radioactive particles will float across the ocean and strike the United States escalate, we seem to be paying less attention to the tragic loss of life and peace in Japan and more on how this might hurt us right here at home.
    Some of my friends are fleeing the west coast in search of safe haven further east. Others are dosing up on potassium iodide in an attempt to protect themselves (as evidenced by those who are stockpiling potassium iodide in spite of the advice of health officials who are telling us to chill out). Still more are just plain freaking out. I’ve gotten at least a dozen cautionary emails just today from people who are encouraging me to be afraid.  Read More

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    The Public Transit System in Japan

    After we talked about the awards that had been bestowed on our public transit  system, I  read an email from Alain Soucy who shared some fascinating info on Japanese mass transit.
    Here is the email in its entirety:

    "The Japanese built their  first bullet  train in 1960. In 2010, the Tokyo train system accumulated 17 seconds delay. Not bad when  you consider the size of the population.
     The bus drivers in Japan do not  have pony tails; they do not stop at Mc Donald's for a coffee. No sir, they wear a uniform with white gloves and a hat.
    The bus transmission is manual, the drivers are never on strike.They have a small microphone close to the mouth which they use to welcome every passenger. All buses have air conditioning. Every stop is announced via digital display screen and you can actually get  change on the bus.
     The subway stations have washrooms and elevators. Retired people provide information to travellers; you can spot them by the armband they  wear.
    It  is a life experience to use the transit system in Japan."

    --From CJAD Talk Radio Montreal

    News from The Pink Cow

    Howdy Cowfolks,
    > This has been an extremely difficult time for all of us in Japan and
    > our families. Especially the people in the North hit by the tsunami.
    > The Pink Cow is opened and continuing to try to bring some normalcy
    > back. We also want to give people a way to help where they can. We have
    > a quake relief fund donation box set up so we are asking everyone who
    > comes in for one of our, usually free, events to please find it and put
    > in what you can.
    > Also, a lot of people are very scared and there is misinformation being
    > continually being repeated the media, adding lots of extra stress to an
    > already horrendous situation. This is a very informative article about
    > the physics and design of the Fukushima nuclear plant. Please read if
    > you are feeling scared, it may help.
    > And here is a ustreamed Geiger counter so you can see the levels near
    > Tokyo. 10-20cmps is normal. The sooner we can get things moving again,
    > the sooner we can help the people who are really suffering.
    > Mooooo.....
    > The Herd
    > Wed., March 16th – Vegan Night
    > Vegan Club:
    > Calling all vegetarian friends (or non-vegetarians who like good food
    > and meeting new people)! The Tokyo Vegan Meetup group is holding their
    > monthly dinner once a month. To reserve, please go to:
    > . Join us
    > for a delicious and healthy meal and meet a diverse and lively group of
    > food and animal lovers! If you are curious, vegan = no meat, no fish,
    > no egg, no dairy. Bring your friends!!
    > Dinner at 7:30PM - all you can eat buffet menu ¥2,800 (drinks separate)
    > For maps and more info please check
    > Thurs. March 17th – "PREMIUM"
    > Hip Hop, Life & Culture
    > Open 17:30 ~ 23:30 Close
    > (Every 1st & 3rd Thursday)
    > Great food
    > Funky fresh beats
    > Hip Hop Culture Films
    > Open b-boy area
    > Entrance only 500円
    > Twice a month we meet up and have delicious food & drinks,
    > international hip hop film screenings, with major & independent live
    > performances, live art showcases, beat maker showcases, networking
    > discussions, and cross promotions. This is a gathering for local &
    > international artists, fans, and businesses in hip hop who want to stay
    > in touch with the streets around the world.
    > @PINK COW
    > Villa Moderuna B1, 1-3-18 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo, 150-0002
    > 03-3406-5597
    > From 7pm, 500yen entry
    > Fri. March 18th – Yo-Yo Black followed by Live Open Mic Comedy/Variety
    > World Champion Yo-Yo Performer!
    > Yo-Yo Bar:
    > Why don't you play Yo-Yo?
    > This event is for people who wanna hang out and try a different type of
    > Entertainment, a little like a Darts Bar but with yo-yos.
    > Yes, this is Yo-Yo Bar.
    > World Yo-Yo Champion Black will tech you how to play Yo-Yo.
    > (Yo-Yo Black is great! So fun to watch!)
    > Wow, it's a free lesson!
    > Of course tip from your heart are always welcome ;)
    > From 7pm – No Charge!
    > Sat. Feb. 19th – Body Works Fashion Special
    > A night of Art, the Body & Sensuality
    > All things that touch on how Art intermingles with the Body as a
    > uniquely human experience. Sensuality explored through sounds, sights,
    > smells & tastes. All types of artists will be exploring their own
    > interpretations of body/art/sensuality and sharing their ideas, works
    > and performances. Everyone welcome to participate, all different
    > expressions welcome so mail us to join!
    > Special Featured Guests:
    > We will be introducing new Tokyo fashion brand:
    > New東International京Women
    > Rolling out the first designs with a fashion show and artist Jesse
    > Franklin launching the line by painting the inaugural dress!
    > Our New International Women fashion brand is designed to push the limit
    > of choice & style. Designed for women by women. NIW incorporates art
    > and style with the freedom of personalized choice for your own body
    > shape and size so you can feel your most confident & comfortable for
    > any occasion. Women are not cookie cutter one size fits all, we make
    > clothes that respect that.
    > NIW fashion show
    > Jesse Franklin – Live Painting
    > Roy "Fudworks" Daley 3D Art demo
    > Geoff Hash – Live Music (after 8pm)
    > N@n@ & Alice – Burlesque Dance & keyboards
    > And much more!
    > if you want to perform or join the mix with your talents email us at
    > from 7pm – No entry charge
    > Sun., March. 20th - Japanese Lounge Night!
    > This is a night to celebrate Japanese traditional music (usually Koto,
    > Shamisen & Shakuhachi plus more) and experiment mixing it with modern
    > western music. Everyone and all instruments and guests welcome to join
    > or just watch! Come join us to enjoy and learn and experience more
    > about Japanese instruments in a fun, relaxed way. We are happy to have
    > music fans, anyone interested in Japanese/English language and Japanese
    > culture, those who love to wear a Kimono but need a place to go in
    > it...that means you, your friends and family. Meet new people and enjoy
    > great food and drinks! It's also a open mic event, please bring your
    > talent if to perform with our instruments!
    > If you're interested in performing, please let us know!
    > JLN page on Kumiya's:
    > You must log in but we also have a group page on mixi.
    > Would you like to sneak peek at the event on online video?
    > Hosted by: Kumiya- Shamisen (Hosozao. Hauta, Kouta & Ming-yo) Sensei of
    > Shamisen lesson for beginners and tourists in both Japanese and
    > English.
    > >
    > Plus lots of special guests and performers joining the fun with
    > workshops & jam session!
    > From 7pm - NO CHARGE! Come early for dinner and the best seats!
    > ***If you do not want to receive our cowmailers please just reply with an
    > unsubscribe in the subject area, although we milk it for all it's worth we
    > don't want to bug anyone!
    > 3月16日(水)
    > Vegan ナイト
    > Vegan Club:
    > ベジタリアンの友達をみんな呼ぼう!(ベジタリアンじゃなくても、おいしいもの好きで友達の輪を広げたい人も!)Tokyo Vegan Meetup
    > Groupは毎月第一木曜日に食事会を開いています。ご予約は以下にてどうぞ。<>
    > 美食と動物をこよなく愛す仲間と一緒においしくヘルシーなディナーはいかが?ちなみに『vegan』とは肉、魚、卵、乳製品の一切を食べないベジタリアンのことです。
    > --------------------------------------
    > 19:30 ~
    > 食べ放題ビュッフェディナー料金:¥2,800(ドリンク別)
    > 3月17日(木)
    > "PREMIUM"
    > ヒップホップ、ライフ&カルチャー
    > 第一と第三木曜日。月に2回、美味しい料理とドリンクと共に、メジャー/インディペンデント・アーティスト、ビートメイカーによるライブ・パフォーマンス、クリエイターによるアート・パフォーマンスに加え、国際的ヒップホップ映画の上映、ネットワーキング会議、クロス・プロモーションなどを企画しています。これは、ローカル/インターナショナルなアーティスト、ファン、ビジネス関係者など、ヒップホップにおいて、世界のストリートと繋がりたいと考えている人々のためのパーティです。
    > 参加を希望されるダンサー、Dj、Mc、作品を披露されたい映像や写真関係のアーティストの方是非ご連絡をお待ちしております!毎月2回のイヴェント"PREMIUM"。3月より開始致します!
    > --------------------------------------
    > 19:00 ~
    > 料金:¥500
    > 3月18日(金)
    > Yo-yo Black & ライブ
    > ヨーヨーバー:
    > ヨーヨーしない?
    > このイベントはちょっと新しい事を楽しんでみたい人のためのエンターテインメント。ダーツバーのヨーヨー版みたいな。そう、ヨーヨーバー。
    > ヨーヨー世界チャンプのBlackが特別にテクを伝授。見るだけでも楽しいよ!
    > フリーレッスンだって! もちろん心からのチップはウェルカム ;)
    > --------------------------------------
    > 19:00 ~
    > フリーエントランス
    > 3月19日(土)
    > Body Works Fashion スペシャル!
    > アートと体がコンセプトの夜
    > アートと身体の融合が生み出すありとあらゆるユニークな体験。
    > 聴覚、視覚、臭覚、そして味覚を通して探る官能。あらゆるタイプのアーティストが自分なりの解釈で「体・アート・肉体感覚」を表現。誰でも参加できます。メールでお問い合わせ下さい。
    > スペシャルフィーチャーゲスト:
    > 新しい東京ファッションブランドを紹介 『New東International京Women』
    > デビュー作品をアーティスト「Jesse Franklin」を迎えてドレスにペインティングを施すファッションショーで公開!
    > 選択とスタイルの限界を少し押し広げるデザインを提案する ファッションブランド New International
    > Women。アートとスタイルを融合させた NIW
    > のコンセプトは、あらゆる場面において自分に一番自信が持てて気持ちの良いサイズと形の服を自由に選択できること。誰でも着られるワンサイズの服なんて女性は望んでいない。NIWの服はそんな希望を現実のものにします。
    > ライブ音楽
    > ライブペイント
    > ボディーペイント
    > フォトショー
    > などなど!
    > パフォーマンスや特技を披露したい方はこちらまでメールを
    > --------------------------------------
    > 19:00 ~
    > フリーエントランス
    > 3月20日(日)
    > ジャパニーズ ラウンジ ナイト!
    > 堅苦しいと思われる和楽器の音楽と楽しさをかなりリラックスした環境で紹介する月イチ、エントランスフリーのイベント。
    > 自分が今どこの国にいるか分からなくなるようなおもしろい場所で、ステージを見ると着物を着て、和楽器を奏でる人達が…しかも話しているのは英語。
    > 日本文化に興味のある外国出身の方や実際に和楽器を習っている各国の生徒さん、もちろん音楽好き、英語で話したい、機会がないだけで着物でのお出かけ先を探している人、おいしいお酒や多国籍なフードを楽しみたいゲストやパフォーマーの集まっているイベントです。
    > 飛び入り参加も大歓迎♪日本の伝統楽器と一緒に弾きたい方は是非楽器を持ってきてくださいね!
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    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    Canadians in Japan

    Japan Nuclear Update - British Embassy

    Japan Nuclear Update - British Embassy
    I have just returned from a conference call held at the British Embassy in Tokyo. The call was concerning the nuclear issue in Japan. The chief spokesman was Sir. John Beddington, Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government, and he was joined by a number of qualified nuclear experts based in the UK. Their assessment of the current situation in Japan is as follows:   * In case of a 'reasonable worst case scenario' (defined as total meltdown of one reactor with subsequent radioactive explosion) an exclusion zone of 30 miles (50km) would be the maximum required to avoid affecting peoples' health. Even in a worse situation (loss of two or more reactors) it is unlikely that the damage would be significantly more than that caused by the loss of a single reactor.   * The current 20km exclusion zone is appropriate for the levels of radiation/risk currently experienced, and if the pouring of sea water can be maintained to cool the reactors, the likelihood of a major incident should be avoided. A further large quake with tsunami could lead to the suspension of the current cooling operations, leading to the above scenario.   * The bottom line is that these experts do not see there being a possibility of a health problem for residents in Tokyo. The radiation levels would need to be hundreds of times higher than current to cause the possibility for health issues, and that, in their opinion, is not going to happen (they were talking minimum levels affecting pregnant women and children - for normal adults the levels would need to be much higher still).   * The experts do not consider the wind direction to be material. They say Tokyo is too far away to be materially affected.   * If the pouring of water can be maintained the situation should be much improved after ten days, as the reactors' cores cool down.   * Information being provided by Japanese authorities is being independently monitored by a number of organizations and is deemed to be accurate, as far as measures of radioactivity levels are concerned.   * This is a very different situation from Chernobyl, where the reactor went into meltdown and the encasement, which exploded, was left to burn for weeks without any control. Even with Chernobyl, an exclusion zone of 30 miles would have been adequate to protect human health. The problem was that most people became sick from eating contaminated food, crops, milk and water in the region for years afterward, as no attempt was made to measure radioactivity levels in the food supply at that time or warn people of the dangers. The secrecy over the Chernobyl explosion is in contrast to the very public coverage of the Fukushima crisis.   * The Head of the British School asked if the school should remain closed. The answer was there is no need to close the school due to fears of radiation. There may well be other reasons - structural damage or possible new quakes - but the radiation fear is not supported by scientific measures, even for children.   * Regarding Iodine supplementation, the experts said this was only necessary for those who had inhaled quantities of radiation (those in the exclusion zone or workers on the site) or through consumption of contaminated food/water supplies. Long term consumption of iodine is, in any case, not healthy.   The discussion was surprisingly frank and to the point. The conclusion of the experts is that the damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami, as well as the subsequent aftershocks, was much more of an issue than the fear of radiation sickness from the nuclear plants.   Let's hope the experts are right!See More
    By: Paul Atkinson

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    Rolling Power Blackouts

    Monday, March 15, 2011
    Group 1: 15:20~19:00
    Group 2: 18:20~22:00
    Group 3: 6:20~10:00
    Group 4: 9:20~13:00
    Group 5: 12:20~16:00
    About 3 hours of blackout may occur
    Monday, March 14, 2011
    Group 1: (6:20-10:00, 16:50-20:30)
    Group 2: (9:20-13:00, 18:20-22:00)
    Group 3: (12:20-16:00)
    Group 4: (13:50-19:00)
    Group 5: (15:20-19:00)
    About 3 hours of blackout may occur

    *If your address belongs to multiple groups, please wait for the official announcement from TEPCO.
    *We try to update with the latest annoucement, but please refer to the TEPCO web-site for the accurate and latest information.
    *This search system is experimentally developped by an individual volunteer. Please refer to the TEPCO web-site for the accurate and latest information.
    *If TEPCO announces an official search system, please use it instead.

    Sunday, March 13, 2011

    The Nuclear Meltdown Threat in Japan

    "Now, where does that leave us? My assessment:
    • The plant is safe now and will stay safe.
    • Japan is looking at an INES Level 4 Accident: Nuclear accident with local consequences. That is bad for the company that owns the plant, but not for anyone else.
    • Some radiation was released when the pressure vessel was vented. All radioactive isotopes from the activated steam have gone (decayed). A very small amount of Cesium was released, as well as Iodine. If you were sitting on top of the plants’ chimney when they were venting, you should probably give up smoking to return to your former life expectancy. The Cesium and Iodine isotopes were carried out to the sea and will never be seen again."

    This post is by Dr Josef Oehmen, a research scientist at MIT, in BostonRead More

    Thursday, March 03, 2011

    CRA Magazine: Canadians Resident Abroad


    Canadians Resident Abroad, Good advice for Canadians in Japan

    Please be advised that a neww Issue of CRA Magazine is now available on-line and can be accessed by going to

    CRA Magazine is Canada's first E-Magazine designed specifically for Canadians who are presently living abroad, who have done so in the past or who are contemplating an out-of-country sojourn in the future.

    Our magazine is distributed electronically free of charge to subscribers in 142 countries around the world. In addition to sound and timely advice in the investment and tax arenas, CRA E-Magazine covers everything from offshore employment, vacation/travel and international real estate information to country profiles, medical/insurance matters and education options for your children.

    We welcome your suggestions for new articles and please feel free to forward this email to other Canadian friends and colleagues.

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