Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Importance of your Attitude -- Children are like Mirrors

by Kevin Burns

Whatever attitude you come to class with, children will reflect it. If you come happy and energized, they will respond in kind. Even if they are tired, their energy will often pick up because of you.

If you don`t enjoy your job, feel negative about what you do and moody, the children will reflect that too.

Often the most moody teachers, complain that their students are moody.

Do you enjoy teaching English? If not, how can you make it more fun for yourself and your students?

Are your students really moody? Or are you? Which came first? If they come to your class in a negative mood, did you do something to cause that last class? Do you view them as losers or in a negative light? People tend to live up to expectations. If their teachers don`t expect much of them, students won`t bother to try to improve.

Just by changing your outlook, catching yourself when you think negatively can help you to change for the better. Try to view your job and your students in a positive light. Try to see the good in them, your boss, your school and you will find that you enjoy things more, and your level of job satisfaction, not to mention actual job performance will increase.

Movies like "A Christmas Carol" featuring the infamous Ebenezer Scrooge are famous in one way because they speak the truth. People can change literally over-night just by changing their attitude. I have seen it happen too many times to doubt it.
About the Author

About the Author

Kevin Burns and his wife Ikumi own Kevin`s English Schools, the Canadian schools in Japan! They also own and operate an online store selling food and other things from home called Merry Lue`s General Store:

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