Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How do People from Asia Emigrate to Japan?

Pictured: An old bridge in Kamakura from days gone by.

How do People from Asia Emigrate to Japan?

The two negative examples I remember are Japayuki san (Phillipina "hostesses" and "entertainers") and the Asian "interns" who have really been exploited badly. I remember the nurse story but I don't know if they went throuigh with it or not. The bottom line is that the Japanese government has to really recognize that in an aging society like this the best choice is to allow other Asians to come to Japan and not just for a short term. Among other things, the government will have to help these people adjust to Japan in terms of language, schooling, and other welfare items.

How can Japan remain competitive with other countries such as India or China without doing this? Excuse me for being skeptical but I think that the government"s action/non action is based on the idea that there is a steady supply of naive people who are not planning to stay here for good. I think that bringing this out in the open is great. I don't necessarily agree with everything that activists like Arudo Debito (check out his website) say and do but I believe that this kind of prejudice will become less the more it's brought out into the open (on the internet, in the press). This country doesn't want to lose face. At least that`s my view in my humble opinion.

Tom Anderson