Sunday, May 10, 2009

H1N1 Flu

Why is this strain of flu causing so much concern?

It's a brand new mutation that's never been seen before. That's why it's not just hitting people in the highest risk groups — those over 65 and younger than two.

Flu is not usually a huge worry among the vast majority of healthy people because over the course of our lives, we are exposed to several flu strains. We develop some immunities. When we get the flu, we'll normally just feel really awful for a week or two. But when you have no immunities at all to a new strain, normally healthy people face as much of a risk as higher risk groups.

How does swine flu kill?

Swine flu — just like any other flu — is a respiratory infection. It exploits a weakened immune system to attack major organs — especially your lungs. When it gets into your lungs, it can lead to pneumonia, which can kill you. The flu can also cause secondary infections in your body — any of which can lead to failure of vital organs and death.

--from CBC News

Sunday, May 03, 2009

List of famous Koreans in Japan

[edit] Business and Economics

* Han Chang-Woo, CEO of Maruhan
* Son Masayoshi, CEO of Softbank
* Shin Kyuk-ho, CEO and founder of Lotte

[edit] Entertainment

* Arai Hirofumi, actor
* Ihara Tsuyoshi, actor
* Jyongri, singer
* Crystal Kay, singer
* Kim Hong-Jae, conductor
* Lee Sang-il, Japan Academy Prize winning film director
* Minami Kaho, actress
* Miyako Harumi, singer
* Miyavi, musician
* Romi Park, voice actor
* Sai Yoichi, Japan Academy Prize winning film director
* Sonim, singer
* Tei Towa, DJ
* Verbal, singer
* Wada Akiko, singer

[edit] Literature and Poetry

* Lee Hoesung, Akutagawa Prize winning novelist
* Lee Yangji, Akutagawa Prize winning novelist
* Tachihara Masaaki, novelist
* Yang Sok-il, novelist
* Yu Miri, Akutagawa Prize winning novelist

[edit] Science and Technology

* Woo Jang-choon, agricultural scientist and botanist

[edit] Politics and Law

* Arai Shoukei, politician, House of Representatives
* Haku Shinkun, politician, House of Councillors
* Kang Sang-jung, political scientist, professor at the University of Tokyo
* So Man-sul, politician, Supreme People’s Assembly of North Korea, chairman of Chongryon
* Togo Shigenori, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Greater East Asia

[edit] Crime

* Hayashi Yasuo, terrorist in 1995 sarin gas attack by Aum Shinrikyo
* Jo Hiroyuki, uyoku assassin
* Machii Hisayuki, yakuza godfather
* Mun Segwang, failed assassin of Park Chung-hee
* Obara Joji, serial rapist
* Sin Gwang-su, North Korean spy, involved in North Korean abductions of Japanese
* Takayama Tokutaro, yakuza godfather

[edit] Sports

* Akiyama Yoshihiro, judoka
* Ahn Young-Hak, North Korean soccer player
* Arai Takahiro, professional baseball player
* Chong Tese, North Korean soccer player
* Morimoto Hichori, professional baseball player
* Harimoto Isao, professional baseball player
* Hiyama Shinjiro,professional baseball player
* Kaneda Masaichi, professional baseball player
* Kinjoh Tatsuhiko, professional baseball player
* Kanemoto Koji, pro-wrestler
* Kanemura Kouhiro, pro-wrestler
* Kim Chae-Hwa, South Korean figure skater
* Kim Jong-Song, North Korean soccer player
* Kim Yong-Gwi, North Korean soccer player
* Kin Taiei, mixed martial artist
* Lee Tadanari, professional soccer player
* Maeda Akira, pro-wrestler
* Maenoyama Taro, sumo wrestler
* Momota Mitsuhiro, pro-wrestler, also known as Rikidozan
* Okayama Kazunari, professional soccer player
* Ōyama Masutatsu, martial arts expert
* Ri Han-Jae, North Korean soccer player
* Ryang Gyu-Sa, North Korean soccer player
* Ryang Yong-Gi, North Korean soccer player
* Ryouji Sai, pro-wrestler
* Tamarikidō Hideki, sumo wrestler
* Tokuyama Masamori, professional boxer, former WBC super flyweight champion
* Tatsuhito Takaiwa, pro-wrestler
* Yoshida Mitsu, pro-wrestler, also known as Riki Choshu