Saturday, August 19, 2006

Maybe your lesson doesn`t stink...

But you do.

by Kevin Burns

I had a Japanese lesson recently and the teacher was good but he smelled. I could stand 90 minutes with him once, but I wasn`t about to have another lesson with him.

I chose another teacher.

Teaching English to Japanese has so many facets that we sometimes forget the most basic ones. Before you teach, brush your teeth. Eating a lot of garlic is probably not the nicest thing you can do for your students either.

Take a shower. Before you go into that classroom, you should be clean. Most of your students are, and they expect the same from you.

If you have to teach a lot of children`s classes, you may want to take some deodorant with you to freshen up after a few classes.

You don`t want to drive away students because you smell unpleasant. I think is often overlooked by teachers unfortunately. It is such a simple thing to rectify too.
About the Author

Kevin Burns is an entrepreneur living in Japan. He and his wife own Kevin`s English Schools Merry Lue`s General Store and Travel Central Japan

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