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Tokyo Disneyland Theme Parks

Tokyo Disneyland Theme Parks (Ezine ReaBBy: Chris Chew

A family vacation in a Disney theme park or Disneyland is always a dream holiday for millions of people around the world. The Disney brand is such a resounding success worldwide that it is inconceivable that any child in any developed country do not know what is Disneyland.

If America or Paris is too far away to take your family for a Disney vacation, then you can settle for either of the 2 Disneyland in Asia located in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Disney theme parks, wherever they are located usually have the same theme. For example, in Disney Tokyo will find the following theme parks which can be found on other Disneyland albeit sometimes in different ways the parks are presented.

World Bazaar – Sprawling smack at the entrance of the Tokyo Disneyland is the World Bazaar. This Bazaar is a reminiscent of turn of the century American town with the feeling that you may come face to face with an Apache Red Indian or an outlaw wanted by the local county sheriff.

Here you will find restaurants, shops, restaurants, outlets selling souvenirs and stuff that are appealing to tourists.

Tomorrow land – A space age futuristic theme park. A delightful combination of science and innovative imagination. In Tomorrowland, you can enjoy rides that rockets you to outer space or if you are a science geek, get invited to the "Inventor of the year award ceremony." One of the favorite rides in Tomorrow Land is to help Buzz Light Year pulverize the Evil Emperor Zurg. Whatever that is.

Toon Town – Bring the children to Toon town, they will love you for this. Toon town is where Disney characters work and play. Toon town is designed to cater exclusively for the kids and is bursting with colors with plenty of kiddy rides.

Fantasy land – How can one be in magical Disneyland without entering the world of fairy tales and cartoons? Meet Disney's icons Mickey Mouse, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Donald Duck, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Captain Hook and a host of Disney cartoon characters this never never land.

Critter Country – This is the land of the, well, you've guessed it, Critters. The critters are small animals from the Disney movie "Song of the South". Enjoy watching the critters burrowing little homes along the banks of the Rivers of America and on the slopes of Splash Mountain.

Western land – A visit to the Wild Wild West brings you back in time to the earliest settlers of the American West. Perhaps the most important chapter of the American history. Enjoy dinning in restaurants from the wild west era.

Adventure land – This is the where you visit the African, South American and Asian rainforest. You can even take a cruise in a "crocodile infested" river. Tropical jungles in downtown Tokyo? Well, this is what Disney magic is all about isn't it?

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Sapporo Japan - An Introduction

By: Jason A. Martin

I don't know about you, but when I hear about Sapporo, the first thing that comes to mind is beer. I'm a long time Sushi eater and Sapporo is my beer of choice when eating. What you might have not known is that there's an actual city in Japan called Sapporo. In fact, that's where the beer comes from. Sapporo is a perfect place for making beer. The hops are excellent and it's cold.

Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido Island—located in the West. It's the fastest growing city in Japan. At last check, there were more than two million living in Sapporo. It is the 5th largest city in Japan.

When many think of Japan, they think of the over crowded life in Tokyo. Life in Sapporo is much different. First of all, the island of Hokkaido is covered with forests. Many Japanese escape to the island and Hokkaido attracts millions of visitors annually. The summer is the peak time.

Earlier I mentioned the beer they make here. Sapporo has been making beer since 1891. If you visit Sapporo, you can take a tour of the facility. It's one of those must-see attractions. There's nothing like a fresh Sapporo beer.

Sapporo is also famous for its snow festival, Yuki Matsuri. It takes place for one week each year in February. It continues to grow each year. It started out as a couple of snow sculptures and has now grown to a main event held at multiple sites. Many come for the international snow sculpture competition.

Perhaps the most interest aspect of the Yuki Matsuri is the community effort given to one giant statue each year. If you arrive in Sapporo just before the festival, you can participate in the creating of this statue. It's advised that you book your stay ahead too. More than two million tourists flood into Sapporo for the Yuki Matsuri.

Another aspect I find interesting about Sapporo, as someone that doesn't speak fluent Japanese, is the fact that the tourist information centers are English-friendly. They are always staffed with personnel that speak English well. At the International Information Corner, they have maps and information handouts in English. This makes any English-speaking traveler—that doesn't speak Japanese—at home.

Another great first stop is the Sapporo International Communications Plaza. It's just across the street from the Tokeidai Clocktower and right by City Hall. It has more literature in English, including newspapers and magazines. You are bound to meet Japanese people there who know English as well. There is so much more to talk about, but this article was meant to wet your whistle for Sapporo, Japan.

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A Visitors Guide to Tokyo Japan

A Visitors Guide to Tokyo Japan (Ezine Ready)

Photo of Rainbow Bridge courtesy of Fuji Film staff
By: Jim Johnson

Planning a trip to Tokyo, Japan in the near future? If so, this article will provide you with at least a day full of things to do in Tokyo and will also offer you a few travel trips.

Asia is a lovely place to visit and you will be able to take advantage of some bargains when you travel to Tokyo if you plan ahead. Hotels in Japan are no more expensive then many places and often less expensive than the hotels in Europe. You may even find that as a foreigner you will receive a small discount if you make reservations online. Be sure to check different websites so that you can compare prices and accommodations.

You will also find that domestic transport is moderately priced as long as you choose other modes of transportation over taxis and airplanes. Many hotels have limousine busses to get you to and from the airport or you could take the Keisei Sky Liner train. In the city you may want to use the subway or a Tokyo Combination ticket which is good for one day on a streetcar, Toei bus, JR train or the subway. There are thirteen subway lines and they operate from 5am to a little past midnight. If you are traveling with children from ages 6-12 they will pay half fare prices.

The food in Tokyo is often expensive and that is because most of it needs to be imported. The best thing to do if you are not willing to pay really high prices for meals is to avoid the tourist-trap restaurants and expensive Western-style hotels. Look for the best prices at lunch. The restaurants that serve the lower priced meals will often be the smaller ones and can be found in office building basements and in narrow lanes of business districts. Ask at your hotel desk for recommendations.

Now that we have covered hotels, food and transportation we are ready to move on to some of the sights that can be seen in Tokyo in a day or two. Anime has gone human in Tokyo and you can experience this cartoon-like phenomenon in the Harajuku district and also see some of the same kinds of things in Shibuya, which is the teen capitol of everything cool. There is even a tour you can take if you are truly fascinated by Anime.

Tokyo is also a place to view and experience some of the traditional arts of Japan and the Asian culture. Put on the clothing worn by a geisha and have a picture taken for your scrapbook. You can take a class and learn the art of Japanese flower arranging. Spend several hours or an entire day visiting the gardens, temples, shrines and museums. You will see things in Tokyo that are not available anywhere else you may travel.

Tokyo is also a city of the future. You can shop at some of the most fashionable places imaginable in the Roppongi district. Have fun shopping your way through 53 stories and you may want to visit the City View observatory and the Mori Art Museum.

Have a wonderful adventure in Tokyo, Japan!

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