Wednesday, March 30, 2011

FBC – Aid to People and Pets in Tohoku‏

FBC – Aid to People and Pets in Tohoku‏

Many of our members are asking us for ways to help and how they can get certain items. Here’s the short, simple version with the latest info, but please see our website for more details on each item:

How to help others- 3 ways
Second Harvest and CRASH - Send money and aid directly to these two organizations.
AID4OTHERS – Use this coupon code to send your items directly to those affected by the earthquake.
Help Animals Too! – We’ve set up a way to help animals who have been affected by the earthquake as well. Please see our website for more info.

How we can help you and your family:
FBC Express/Food and Fun From Home - Emergency Backpacks, Lanterns (for blackouts), Batteries- direct from the US in a week.

Deli - Face Masks, Food for now, Other emergency relief items - delivery in about a week.

General Store - Water, Toilet Paper, Canned Goods and Stock Up Supplies - takes about a month, but great to stock up. Shoko's recommendations

Madi's Remailing Service - Air shipped direct from the US – The things you really need and want, but can’t find here. Order from almost anywhere and have Madi’s Remailing Service ship your items.

Also, we’ve just added a special General Store order this week to help process all the AID4OTHERS orders, so please feel free to order by this Friday (April 1st) to get your order on the next boat!

If you'd like to help us spread the word about these aid programs: forward this to a friend or Like fbc newsletter on Facebook us on Facebook.
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