Thursday, March 03, 2011

CRA Magazine: Canadians Resident Abroad


Canadians Resident Abroad, Good advice for Canadians in Japan

Please be advised that a neww Issue of CRA Magazine is now available on-line and can be accessed by going to

CRA Magazine is Canada's first E-Magazine designed specifically for Canadians who are presently living abroad, who have done so in the past or who are contemplating an out-of-country sojourn in the future.

Our magazine is distributed electronically free of charge to subscribers in 142 countries around the world. In addition to sound and timely advice in the investment and tax arenas, CRA E-Magazine covers everything from offshore employment, vacation/travel and international real estate information to country profiles, medical/insurance matters and education options for your children.

We welcome your suggestions for new articles and please feel free to forward this email to other Canadian friends and colleagues.

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