Sunday, February 13, 2011

Achieving Financial Freedom in Japan

Achieving Financial Freedom in Japan by unconventional means.

If I tell you how I am going to achieve financial freedom, you will probably laugh.     Many have laughed at me before.     Like the time I said I would do stand up comedy.    I did and not only
did I peform, I performed on Canada`s national radio station - the CBC.    I went on to perform
in Tokyo at the Tokyo Comedy Store, starting the predecessor of that club.

People laughed when I said I would start an English school in Japan.    My wife and I own two. 

I tend to follow through on what I really want.     I bet you do too!

So when I asked so-called experts if it was possible to make money on the internet, they said

And when I said I wanted to do it from writing, they practically laughed.

Yet a Canadian teenager has done exactly that, by writing about an obscure island in the
Caribbean.    I intend to do it by writing about Lego and other topics.

At this moment Google owes me over 50,000 Yen, and that grows every month.    I know that isn`t exactly money to retire on.   But the potential is amazing, and I have just started.

If you want BS, or you want GRQ- Get Rich Quick.   Look elsewhere.    I am talking about building a real business that I can give to my children, and give to my grandchildren.

Few people are willing to think outside of the box, and there are plenty of people to tell you
it cannot be done.    But a Canadian teenager has proven that it can.

I think I know more than a teenager in Canada.   I hope I do!   I know that you do!

What does she know that we don`t?

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