Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Peak Condition Project

Patrick Reynolds had an interesting idea on self-improvment.

Patrick Reynolds writes:

"What IS The Peak Condition Project?
This program is an idea I've had for a long time, to stop accepting just being in "good shape" and challenge myself to be as lean, flexible, and strong as possible, just like my hero, Bruce Lee. When I met kung-fu trainer and fitness expert, Chen Zhaotong, I knew I finally had all the pieces ready and set out to change my body and my life."

One important facet of his program seems to be accountability. Reynolds published a blog
detailing his triumphs and setbacks. So success or failure was very public.

Seems like a good way to me. Plus he incorporated some very simple techniques including
diet from China that work. China of course, is still a very poor country on the whole,
so the equipment people use for training is usually little to none. They use their own
body weight. The Chinese diet on the whole is healthy too.

After meeting Chen Zhongtao a personal trainer from China, Reynolds training and life took off!

I met a student of Reynold`s at a party last night, and it inspired me to post this.

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