Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Living Dreams.jp

Living Dreams.jp

Empowering and enriching orphans in Japan

Our organization exists to support children living in children’s homes in the Tokyo area—and eventually throughout Japan—on their path towards becoming responsible, confident and empowered young adults.
By working closely with the children’s home staff, we develop a detailed needs assessment profile for each individual home. Deeper understanding of the homes helps our organization to foster appropriate and advantageous programs for these children. Centered along the “LAST” principle (Learning, Arts, Sports, and Technology), long-term and regularly occurring programs are developed under each category to help improve a child’s overall motivation and confidence. Ultimately, each program and opportunity crafted for a home must match their needs and schedule, while also working to “enrich, encourage, and empower.”
For more information about our organization’s objectives and existing programs, please review our Annual Report and feel free to contact:
Interim Managing Director: Amy Moyers-Knopp
Director of Homes Communications: Miho Walker

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